Attrac­tions and Ser­vices in the Neighbourhood

Fis­kars Village

Fis­kars Vil­lage is known as a cen­ter of Fin­nish art and design. High-​qua­li­ty con­fer­ence, hotel and restau­rant ser­vices, toget­her with a vari­ety of shops and work­shops offer vis­i­tors some­thing to see and do through­out the year.

Svartå Manor

Hotel, con­fer­ence facil­i­ties, restau­rant, museum and park.

Rase­borg Tou­rism Site

City of Rase­borg offi­cial tou­rism site

Loh­ja Tou­rism Site

Tou­rism site of the city of Lohja

Bill­näs Ironworks

Bill­näs Ironworks


Tit­le Address Desc­rip­tion
Kat­te­lus 17, 10360 Mus­tio, FinlandKat­te­lus 17 10360 MUSTIO


Ter­hi Haa­ta­ja: 050 303 3625
Mik­ko Haa­ta­ja: 0400 017 289

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