With its 70 hec­ta­res of field, Kat­telus farm is a medium-​sized mod­ern Fin­nish farm. Towards the mid-​ni­ne­ties we have trans­ferred all our farm­ing to orga­nic. Nowa­days the pro­duc­tion con­sists most­ly of orga­nic grain and oil plants and some grass feed for ani­mals.

We strongly belie­ve in the futu­re of orga­nic farm­ing and thus keep on devel­op­ing and study­ing it ever fur­ther. Food pro­duc­tion is such a vital part of our farm­ing that we eager­ly demon­strate our pro­duc­tion meth­ods to tho­se inter­ested. So if you wish to learn about mod­ern farm­ing in action, we are hap­py to show off. Oft­times there’s good a chance to see a big trac­tor on the field, may­be even have a ride!

Our ani­mal farm­ing at pro­duc­tion level cea­sed in the late nine­ties, but we still have some on the farm as always. Our hor­ses and rab­bits are around here all year, and in the sum­mer­time some sheep and cat­tle also pas­ture on our fields or yards. And of cour­se there’s the reg­u­lar cat and dog of the house.

Local­ly it’s pret­ty com­mon to have a great veg­etable gar­den and our farm makes no excep­tion. We pro­duce veg­eta­bles for our own use only but our guests can still get their hands dir­ty help­ing in the gar­den, at will of cour­se. And have their sha­re of new pota­toes and dill in exc­han­ge, or fresh straw­ber­ries or deli­cious apples, if the time is right. The farm keeps on going from sea­son to sea­son, and there’s always some­thing inter­est­ing under­way. Just tho­se basic real things that we are so hap­py to sha­re.


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Kat­te­lus 17, 10360 Mus­tio, Fin­landKat­te­lus 17 10360 MUS­TIO


Ter­hi Haa­ta­ja: 050 303 3625
Mik­ko Haa­ta­ja: 0400 017 289

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