Par­ty Venues

Kat­telus farm has two venues to offer for spe­cial occa­sions like par­ties and wed­dings. Sta­ble restau­rant has the capac­ity of 120 peo­ple and the smal­ler, inti­mate two-​sto­rey Gra­nary restau­rant is suit­able for par­ties of 70 or less peo­ple. Both venues are ful­ly equip­ped with kitc­hen and bath­room facilities.


Tit­le Address Desc­rip­tion
Kat­te­lus 17, 10360 Mus­tio, FinlandKat­te­lus 17 10360 MUSTIO


Ter­hi Haa­ta­ja: 050 303 3625
Mik­ko Haa­ta­ja: 0400 017 289

For reser­va­tions by pho­ne, call Terhi!

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